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Wifi Water Drop Hidden Camera

Wifi Water Drop Hidden Camera
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On/Off Button 

Power On: When the device is in power off mode, to move the On/Off button upwards. The indicator light on the left side will be turn on . it means the device is powered on. Power Off: When the power is not plugged in, to move the On/Off button downwards. When the indicator light is off, it means the device Is Powered off 


Gentle Reminder: If there is no need to use the device when charging, please move the On/Off button downwards to switch off the device. Mode Switch: When the camera has been set up for network mode Long press the Record / pause " button for 2 seconds to switch to the short range Point to Point mode at this time , the indicator light changes from red to blue; and disconnect from network , You can reconnect the network when it is necessary. 


Record/Pause: Insert the memory card, switch on the camera and the videos will automatically be stored in the memory card, and the Indicator light flashes once every second. Press the Record/Pause button once to pause the recording, and the indicator light will be on and does not flash. Press again to start the recording and the indicator light flashes slowly. 


Gentle Reminder: When the memory card is not inserted in before switching on, the camera's reccrd function cannot be activated and the indicator light will always be on. The camera's memory card does not support hot-swappable plugging in when it's switched on. Please remember to turn off the device before inserting or removing the memory card . 


Description on indicator light 

After the device is switched on, wait for about 60 seconds to observe the status of the indicator light. 

Blue Indicator Light: Short-range Point-to-Point live video mode ,under this mode, the camera is not connected to the wireless router network, and it sends out ' HDV8 " WIFI hotspot.

Red Indicator Light: Network mode; the camera has been set up to connect to the wireless router , and it will not send out WIFI hotspot 


Mobile Phone wifi Point to point Live Mode Settings

Step 1: After inserting in-the memory card, move the On/Off button upwards to switch on, and the back indicator light fights up. Wait for about 60 seconds or so, the indicator light that turns blue flashes slowly. (When the device is switched on without the memory card, wait for about 60 seconds and the blue indicator light will always be on and will not flash.) 


Step 2: Connected to a W1FI hotspot. Search for WW1 in the mobile phone Settings and find "HOVE" VV1FI to connect. The password is 12345678 


Step 3: Open the app and the live video mode can be seen directly. At this time, it is the Point-to-Point live video mode . Because the camera has not been connected to the network, and the blue indicator light on the left of the device will be on. Gentle Reminder The effective range of the WIFI hotspot HDVB signal sent out by the camera is within 10 meters. When the mobile phone is out of the range, the connection with the HDV8 hotspot will be disconnected. If a reset is required, it is necessary to reconnect to the HDV8 hotspot in the WIFI Settings in the mobile phone.


Step 4: WIFI Network setting Click on wifi logo , which is at the bottom of the Point to Point live video mode , then you can set the Network MODE „ to select your router's WIFI name and enter the WIFI password. Click on "Connect WIFI", there will be a prompt to wait for 80 seconds, during which the side indicator lights of red and blue flashes together. When the prompt "Configuration is Successful" is received, the indicator light will turn red, the network mode is successfully connected, and the device will no longer sends out the WWI hotspot " HDV8 ". 

Tips Gentle Reminder: Be sure to first connect the mobile phone to the camera s HDV8 hotspot WIFI, sees the direct broadcasting mode, and establishes a connection between remote phone and the camera in order to set up t wireless routing network connection. 


Step 5. Re-open the app to watch Network mode live video. 

Gentle Reminder.

  • It only supports 2.4 G frequencies WWI and does not support 5G frequency WIFI. The WIFI encryption cannot be in WEP mode, and the password section cannot be empty.
  • In order to improve the stability and successful WIFI connecting rate. try to be as close as possible to the wireless router during the configuration process. 


Click on the sun and moon icons at the bottom of the interface to set the infrared light mode. The "sun" icon switches off the infrared night vision, and the "moon" switches on the night vision light. The screen is black and white when night vision is switched on. 


Gene Reminder When switching on the infrared light, there should be no object occlusion in front of the camera lens. Otherwise. the emitted infrared light will be reflected by the nearby objects, forming a strong backlight effect, causing the distant scenery to darken. Please turn over the occlusion or adjust the camera's position angle. 


Activity detection alert

When this function is turned on when the surveillance screen detects any activity, the notification message will be pushed to the mobile app. The "Detection Switch" under the "Event Settings" must be turned on to activate this function, and the phone settings must allow APP to push notifications, Turns on the activity detection alert, the camera itself will not alarm the mobile phone APP, will push notifications.


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