Technology At Its Best

Globex Computer Services (G.C.S.) - Is a Mumbai based Company, which specializes in “Complete Business Computer / Security  Solutions ” for the corporate or individual client who wishes to join the IT band wagon.

One of the hardest struggles associated with technology today, is the rapid pace at which it is changing. Historically, changes in the Computer Industry were measured in months and even years.  Today changes in technology are announced DAILY and on many different fronts.  This makes it very difficult for someone outside of the computer industry to keep up with the best direction to take your company in regards to technology.

There is however a solution; as a test, ask yourself a simple question. Is it more important for you to?

  • Understand what the IT industry demands of you or what you demand from the IT industry.
  • Understand which level of the computers hardware & software or SECURITY and INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS is right for you, (based on your requirements) for Online Business or Corporate information systems.

Knowing you have a resource that can provide your company with the knowledge of products and technology that will provide productive solutions is the key. At the GCS Group, we dedicate the time and resources to ensure that as technology changes, we can disseminate the information to you without you having to spend countless hours trying to understand technical jargon, which frees your time to dedicate to your ever changing business.
Further enhancing our position in the market place, The GCS Group prides itself in providing "Turn Key, One Stop Solutions" for each of our clients.  From setting up a stand alone computer to setting up 100 computers on a lan or wan setup; to servicing or maintaining or installing the cabling in the walls, to the setup of your Financial Reports, we eliminate the guesswork and finger pointing associated with companies which only supply a portion of the total solution you need to automate your business.
"WE provide information systems products, services and expertise which will assist our clients in improving the productivity and profitability of their business."
The Way We Work :
We understand that as a Service Provider, your business is not information systems, and your time and energy should not be spent dealing with a "computer system". That is, basically done by us. As a Team, we go to great lengths to develop an understanding of what each of our clients is trying to accomplish in automating their business. Further, we dedicate countless hours to research, and understand the new technologies, which will assist you in obtaining your goals. With this understanding, we pride ourselves in being able to provide a "One Stop Solution" for each of our clients’ information systems-needs. G.C.S. offers the best service, after sale service and quality directly combined with the newest Technologies. Our technology is an huge advancement in terms of video storage, live viewing, and internet viewing. Our International Manufacturers and Suppliers allow affordable prices and the newest technology. Our trained professionals will give you the right advice, in order to provide the best CCTV system for your individual needs. We will advise you with the best recording solution and strategic placement of cameras.

Our products are high quality and we deliver professional service. Our work is neat and professionally done with care for your property. My Spy operates Namibia wide and all products can be delivered via couriers.

We take pride in our Customer Satisfaction Ratings and are happy to offer easy to use products with great Technical Support.